Insight might be the most abused word in the English language. That's okay. At its most basic and insight is successfully moving through journey from ambiguity to clarity. Seeing something useful that's been obscured by all the distractions in life.

So, how?

Conversation Discovery

Conversation Discovery is an approach leveraging social media in a new and unique way. Rather than approaching it as a quantitative environment, seeking numbers of "likes" or who's passed what post along, I approach it as a qualitative opportunity. Think of it as the world's biggest focus group. 

Jobs to be Done

Jobs to be done (JTBD) is an approach to uncovering insights developed by Clayton Christensen‎ from Harvard. It's an incredibly effective way to get innovation right. 

There's more about product innovation below.


strategic planning

Developing an effective plan begins with a good foundational structure. There's a famous saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step." That's true. But which step and in what direction? And for that matter, what's the right destination?

The M-Growth Marketing Model helps us to find those answers together.


At its most simple, positioning is the aligning of a brands highest purpose with a significant need an audience feels. That's it. Getting there may be a challenge but it's not rocket science. Regardless of what some agency, brand specialist or consultant may have told you.


product innovation

For some time there's been a wall built between innovation and communication with separate groups, budgets and resources. And perhaps most astonishing separate research and insight plans. What a shame! A brand desperately tries to create a product with features that connect with an audience, then communicate those features. Yet, often, those functions are often kept apart from one another. It's time. Tear down that wall!