E02 :: 7 Reasons You Don't Need an Advertising Agency :: Part 1

This episode covers the first three reasons hiring a typical advertising agency won't get you where you want to go. 

1. A single process for every situation, whether it’s a start up, a hundred year old brand or a digital service.

The question to ask:
How does your approach differ for a start up sold online vs. a product sold through a traditional channel?
Alternate question: What’s your approach to effectively marketing a product through Amazon?

The answer you don’t want to hear:
The principles are all the same so regardless of channel our approach is the same.

2. Price based on hours makes inefficiency a money-making proposition

The question to ask:
How many members of your agency actually execute the work verses manage the process? For example, how many of your staff are project managers, executive management etc. 

The answer you don’t want to hear:
Project managers and project leads have always been a critical part of our success. Every team has a PM, a strategist, an account manager etc. etc. in other words every client has to align with the agency's process.

3. Most agencies, simply do not understand 21st Century marketing.

The question to ask:
How do you approach content marketing?
Although content marketing may not be a part of every strategic plan it can act as a litmus test. 

The answer you don’t want to hear:
Content is what we have always done. Ads are content, television spots are content etc. 
If everything is content then there is not such thing as content marketing. Content marketing is a specific process.