The Tired Argument

How exhausted am I by articles like Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social?

Incredibly. I understand why we want to make this point, why we want to rail against Twitter and Facebook for "making us" stay inside and live in front of our computers. It's an easy point to make but I have to wonder if the author truly believes it.

I won't mention that I met my (real life!) boyfriend on Twitter. (Okay, I will.) I won't mention that I've made a batch of friends who regularly trek across the country to visit on another. (Oops.) I won't tick off how it helps me keep in touch with my collegiate brother and other more distant families. (I'm bad at this.) But I will say that-- in my experience-- the kinds of people who tend to be using social media most actively and passionately are the ones who are using it to create new meetups, lunch dates, after parties, social calls. The people who are most drawn to sites social sites use it as an extension of their "real world" networking abilities, not as a replacement.

There will always be the type of person who camps out in front of their computer and interacts only through message boards, but they were there before Twitter and they'll be there when some new site steals everyone's focus (and a new wave of "anti-social" blame storms begin).

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