The "Search" for Value

I'm by no means an expert in the arena of SEO. Actually, I would guess the majority of experts in SEO are not experts in SEO. So, for me to write a post about Google's updates to their search algorithm is a challenge. But I was reading an interesting article this morning that discussed their most recent significant changes and it got me thinking.

Both recent updates which they call Panda and Penguin focus on those who try to game the system. Among other tricks, there are those who will repeat as many target keywords as possible into their website, steal or borrow content from other sites, create multiple pages and on and on and on it goes. What they are doing is writing for search bots (those pieces of code that crawl through the Internet indexing sites and ranking them) instead of for customers. 

We have to ask ourselves a question; do we believe in our product or service enough to talk like human beings or do we think we have to trick people into visiting our site and buying our products? I've said it a thousand times in the last year. Success in the digital age is a pretty simple proposition—don't lie and offer value. All Google is trying to do is ensure that when a user searches for something they find sites that are real and valuable. 

If you want a great SEO strategy, how about talking to the consumer about your product using their language. That's all it takes.

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