Lean Research and Agile Insights

For the last two weeks I've been working through a research product offering the agency has been presenting to clients. I've hit upon some interesting ideas. One in particular has captured my thinking. It's the idea of stripping research down to it's bare essentials and thereby allowing us to generate a constant flow of insights. More and more, it seems, waiting months or even weeks to get an understanding of the consumer, is just too long.

I'm currently reading Lean Startups which is applying Lean Manufacturing priciples and Agile Development concepts to launch a new venture. The area that has not been revolutionized by such thinking is research. There are three key principles that have to find there way into our insight process:

  1. Iterative research: meaning a move away from project-based research to waves of research hitting our desks on a continuous basis.
  2. Viral insights: this means research cannot land in a desk drawer and stay there. There must be a dashboard where all parties can access aggregated quantitative and qualitative research.
  3. Rapid execution: meaning each iteration or research scrum has to be completed in less than a month, preferably two weeks. 

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