Are You a Fantastic Marketer?

Based on the title question you would naturally assume this is a post foscuses on developing a positive attitude. However, the word "fantastic" can also be defined as:

imaginary or groundless in not being based on reality; foolish or irrational: fantastic fears. 

There's a difficult question we have to ask ourselves; do we have goals or fantasies?

Fantasies are marked by two things. First, the focus is on the happy ending. There's a lot of talk about getting rich, opening new offices in New York or Chicago or buying a dream home. There's even a bias against real results. I once had a boss that lived for new business, but, there were two things that bothered him, a prospect saying yes or a prospect saying no. He loved the fantasy and once it was a reality he sank into depression and wanted moved on. Second, planning becomes grandiose.  Little thought is given to the immediate next step and to realistic planning. Most decisions are made from the gut and strictly based on emotion. The naive belief that everything will just work out becomes the daily modus operandi.

The key difference between fantasy and reality is the amount of work and/or money you are willing to risk for success. Fantasy requires neither.

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