A Proper Post

This weekend I went to my daughter's college graduation. Of course, being a twenty first century proud father, I posted a phone cam picture to social media. Trying to be cute, I simply wrote, "It is finished." and posted a link to Michal's picture via Twitter. However, My wife, Rachel, wrote, "She made it! Michal is a college graduate!" and posted her picture using Facebook. As a result Rachel's post generated 13 comments. Mine received only 1 comment and 7 likes.

I will be the first to admit that my wife is more social and more fun to talk to, but setting that aside for a moment, I think this incident does illustrate how drastic the difference in impact between doing social media right and doing social media fast is. Yes, it's highly convenient to just have my tweets go to Facebook. But the formatting is not very engaging and both posts become mediocre. That can make all the difference in the world.

The success my agency has had with social media is often more about the proper voice and tone than some brilliant strategy. I suspect the same is true of most brands trying to connect online. However, little time is spent really understanding a brand's social media persona, then making sure all posts and activities fit within that character.

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