Android Launches In-App Purchases This Week

Android launching in-app purchases illustrates the continuing importance of building ecosystems rather than just applications or campaigns. Everyone who knows me is tired of hearing me talk about success in today's marketing world being about not lying or buying a monkey. By that, I mean success today is predicated on being authentic and bringing value (as opposed to using tricks to get attention.)

Building a platform or ecosystem, that offers continued user/consumer engagement means you have to be honest, if not, your audience discovers it and quickly moves on to something else. It kills sustainability.

Perhaps, even more importantly, ecosystems demand you consistently bring value. Buying a monkey is about being flashy, getting attention but with not substance behind all the tricks. If you want someone to shell out yet another .99 for an enhancement to an app you've offer the user real value.

However, this discussion must move beyond just mobile apps. This movement toward ecosystems should change the way we think about advertsing and marketing. So, uncross your fingers, send the monkey to a nice zoo and get serious about understanding what the audience really needs.

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