Now You Know How I Feel

"Now you know how I feel." My wife Rachel said this in response to my complaints of not enough time to write all the posts I was thinking about. What she meant was now I knew how she felt when she had so many ideas about her next pottery creation but couldn't find the time to go to the basement turn on her wheel and start throwing clay.

She had no idea how profound what she just said was. While she meant we were experiencing the same frustration with a time deficit she didn't realize the parallels between her passion for her art and my passion for mine. This had only recently come to mind when I read Seth Godin's latest book Linchpin. Repeatedly he draws a sharp contrast between just working and creating art. He applies this idea of art to industry after industry.

I find it a mind-blowing idea because it infuses meaning into the things we do every day. What a difference that makes in your attitude when you stop thinking about your job as going to a factory and start thinking about it as an oppotunity to create something great, that is great art.

All of a sudden posting to the three blogs I'm a part of becomes something I can't wait to do, something I want to do, something I'm willing to do on my iPhone in a plane on the way to Dallas, which is what I'm doing right now.

Yea, now I know how Rachel feels.    

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