Chief Culture Officer

Last week I went to the Chief Culture Officer Bootcamp in New York. The day was lead by the author of the book with the same theme, Grant McCracken. Wow, what a day! We blazed through examples of cultural trends such as food's movent to the artisinal, the redefinition of homeyness and the emergence of the great room in home design as well as others. McCracken is an amazing lecturer and if I have any complaints it would be that he has so much information that it is hard to really absorb it all.

The concept behind the bootcamp as well as the book is McCracken's position that companies need to have a Chief Culture Officer in the C suite of their companies. It moves beyond having someone who "gets it" or is cool. It's about having someone that understands trends and can articulate a trend in business terms that encompasses marketing and/or innovation opportunities.

If you get a chance to hear him I would suggest you take it. If not, be sure to pick up the book. It's a fascinating read and might even change how you approach your work.

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