Let's Play Advertising

Today, I was chatting with a former colleague and the subject of a great site that we both worked on came up. We both expressed our frustration that a site with 700,000 accounts and 500,000 active users is getting little or no attention, either from the company or the agency. Imagine that, half a million users without any advertising or marketing. And yet, the agency spends their time looking for new ventures and businesses they can get into. 

CEOs always say they are looking for an opportunity where there's no competition. They try to convince people they are tired of competing. This simply is not true, they aren't really tired of competing, they're tired of losing. And instead of getting better, they want to take their ball and go home.

It's the weakest of the weak responses and it clearly illustrates that a company's leadership is just wanting to "play" business not be in business. Each time you hear someone talk about avoiding competition and you see them abandon their core position to try something else, just imagine them standing there, wearing their dad's suit that's way too big for them and shuffling along wearing their dad's size tens. Remember, by next week they will be running down the driveway, playing cops and robbers.

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