Client Stories

We've had the honor to work on some of the greatest brands in the world. Here are three short client stories that should give you some understanding of what we do. 


Global conversation discovery


When Kellogg's wanted to find a communication platform for Pringles that would connect with consumers around the globe during the holidays while remaining regionally relevant in Asia, South America, The U.K. and The U.S. they asked if Conversation Discovery, a unique research technique based on social media, could help. 

We conducted a global analysis in three languages bringing to them 10 possible communication platforms of which they indicated they would pursue at least three further in 2018.


iterative insights


For five years we helped Dollar Shave Club as they broke into multiple new categories and developed a slew of new products. We conducted an iterative insight process which gave DSC qualitative and quantitative data that influenced every aspect of the new products; naming structures, scent descriptions, product form factors and communication language. 

Each study was delivered online so that the entire organization would be impacted by the results. We call it Viral Insights. 


vacation decision influencers

One of the world's largest provider of vacations and entertainment needed near-real-time insights they asked if we could help. For six years we conducted fast-paced research that included social media, quantitative and qualitative insights every six weeks. 

The global leadership team used the information to make real-time decisions, maximizing sales and growth.